3D Designs

My favorite models, all available for download

Benchmark Bot

A useful calibration test that happens to be a fun print-in-place figure

Telescoping Chess Set

This full sized chess set collapses to a travel friendly size and prints-in-place without the need for support or assembly

Print-in-Place Jellyfish

Hanging jellyfish with 10 moving tentacles that print-in-place without the need for support or assembly

Geared Switch Case

Carry three Nintendo Switch games in a stylish and compact package

Squid Air Plant Holder

An creative way to hang air plants (tillandsia) around the house

Modern Chess Set

A sleek minimalist take on classic design


A violently cute way to make plants look like tiny explosions

Geared SD Card Case

Compact storage solution for multiple SD cards

Cactus Piggy Bank

Finally 3d printing can help you save money